Our mission is to provide comprehensive support for investments in offshore energy throughout their full life cycle by providing the highest quality advisory, consulting, design and management services, and thus contributing to the dynamic modernization of the energy industry in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.


At ASE Offshore, we combine the potential with the experience of the oldest Polish design, advisory and consulting companies operating in the field of offshore energy, belonging to the ASE Technology Group and the SMDI Advisory Group.


Our vision is to build a group of cooperating companies specializing in particular areas of development, implementation and support of energy investments in offshore areas.


Thanks to a thorough identification of needs and professional coordination of activities, we ensure the development and implementation of investment projects – from initial concepts, through feasibility studies and technical concepts, environmental research and analyses, obtaining a set of permits, to implementation supervision and operation management until liquidation – helping clients achieve their business goals.


ASE Headquarters

Narwicka 6 Str.

80-557 Gdańsk, Poland


+48 (58) 520 77 20


ASEO Office

Czackiego 15/17 Str.

00-043 Warszawa, Poland


+48 725 525 705